Psy Phy Monitor

Psy Phy Monitor was a joint project with Akuâlab (Palo Alto, California) to develop and evaluate algorithms and data models that detect a subject’s location within a dwelling. Psy Phy was a first step in a larger initiative to devise better low-cost tools for diagnostic monitoring and event detection that measure and support a patient’s wellbeing. The project surveyed available devices and systems currently in use for monitoring post-operative, elder and hospice patients to detect changes that may be critical to effective and timely interventions. Tasso Partners and Akuâlab specified the research plan to address issues of feasibility, cost, and accuracy of a working prototype low-cost wellness monitor. The monitor system was implemented by Akuâlab and comprises software components that implement an indoor positioning algorithm running on data from off-the-shelf Android devices, including smartphones. The system collects data in a patient’s residence, then transmits the data to a cloud platform where it is analyzed and can be displayed through an online interface. The software components were tested during the summer of 2013 with four subjects who generated position data by wearing a smartphone running an Android app. Results indicate that favorable placement of stationary beacons in the house can have a significant influence on accuracy. The project’s main outcome was to demonstrate that inexpensive indoor tracking technology paired with sophisticated pattern recognition algorithms can accurately track a patient’s location and movement indoors to flag significant anomalies in behavior.

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